Costa Rica – Pura Vida!

Why I Fell in Love with Costa Rica!

Costa Rica, translated in English, means the rich coast and this country certainly lives up to its name! The country is perfect for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of their daily lives and immerse themselves into the wonders of the country’s flora and fauna, wild life, and its relatively untouched beaches. It seems as if every part of this paradise is different from the rest, leaving you with so much to see and explore.

I have been fortunate enough to visit this country twice and my recent visit was to a friend from high school that has lived there for 13 years.  My first trip to this lushly green paradise was in 2014 and I stayed on the Pacific Ocean side of the country.  P1000634There, my friend lived in a house which literally sat in the middle of the rain forest with spectacular views. It was as if the trees parted from her windows and opened up to show you the glory of the Pacific Ocean.  Yup, that’s the view to the right.  Imagine waking up to this view every morning!

My second trip to Costa Rica was in 2016 and we visited Colon for 3 days and then drove to the Atlantic Ocean side of the country and stayed there for 6 days. Costa Ricans call the Atlantic side, “El Caribe” (the Caribbean). I figured it was because the water was blue like those in the Caribbean Sea but that was not the only reason, it was the culture.  When we arrived, I felt like I had walked into the Caribbean island of Jamaica. The music, the colors, the people, and the food all had a distinct Caribbean aura. I was anxious and excited to explore Limon, Costa Rica for two reasons: the first being that my great-grandmother was from here and second was because my Jamaican heritage was in full effect and I felt at ease.

There will be a blog series on Costa Rica that will cover the Afro-Caribbean people, the indigenous Bribri people, and my adventures jaunting around the Pacific and Atlantic sides of the country giving you a taste of why I fell in love with the country and all it has to offer.

Stay tuned…… Pura Vida (The Pure Life)!

Travel Tips

From my adventures to this magnificent country I learned a few important lessons that I wanted to share with you. It is not an all-inclusive list but a few short tips that will help you along with your travels in Costa Rica…

  1. Bring and Use Bug Repellent – Due to the Zika virus scare, I probably inhaled more bug spray than my lungs could handle but I’d rather be safe than sorry.
  2. Cash – If you are pinching pennies like I am, I would advise bringing a little more cash than you think you will need.  Two ATM machines tricked me into numerous bank fees by stating I could not take out a certain amount of money in one withdrawal.  The ATM did allow me to make two withdrawals but made certain to charge me for each one.  I am still mad about that!
  3. Don’t Flush Paper Products Down the Toilet – Depending on which part of the country you are in, the treatment of wastewater will vary.  If you see posts in bathrooms that ask you not you flush paper products down the toilet, please adhere to the request.  They have trash bins for you to put your used paper products in.  We are visitors in their country and we don’t need to pollute their local environment or add to any infrastructure limitations.


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