GLORYfied – A Carnival Cruise Culinary Experience

One of my favorite things about cruising is the “all you can eat” factor.  Unfortunately, it can be a double-edged sword if you are watching your figure. But, trust me when I tell you that you can actually eat so much that the site of food can literally make you feel full. img_4331

By cruise design, if you opted for the sit down dinner you are assigned to a table and you will have the same table mates and staff for the duration of your cruise. While aboard the Carnival Glory my friends and I had what I believe to be the best waitstaff on the ship and I truly felt that they went above and beyond to ensure that our taste buds were happy and our stomachs were full. The staff that guaranteed our dining delights was affectionately named Team Tiger. Shoutout to Armond, Johanna and Armador! Now, the amazing staff experience didn’t stop there… the Head Chef, Biju, and Head Maitre D, Suresh, gave my friend and I a personal tour of the kitchen (aka the galley). This tour gave me a greater appreciation for the planning, cooking, prepping, and order of operations that had to take place in order to serve one magnificent meal to the guest’s tables each and every night. The pride that was exhibited for the kitchen and those who worked there was apparent during the tour. The galley was not only spotless and it was a well-oiled machine. I am still impressed by what I saw take place behind the scenes. And my amazement didn’t stop there. If you ever have the opportunity, please take the time to speak with the crew, ask where they are from, and talk about their culture. You will be surprised at how many new friends you will make. I would also like to thank my new brother, Junior Powell, from the great island of Jamaica for ensuring that my sweet tooth was satisfied with a various assortment of delicious desserts . The Glory crew truly knew how to make a girl and her taste buds feel special.  🙂

At each dinner we were served bread, had the choice of various appetizers, the port of call special (a dish from the country we were about to visit), the main dish, and various choices for dessert. We could order what we wanted from the menu and if we did not like it, we could try something else. Remember, this is all free and is probably why people always feel satisfied and stuffed after each meal. However, if you have a food allergy, please be sure to let Carnival know ahead of time as well as remind your waitstaff. One of my friends has a horrible allergy to onions and peanuts, so Biju and Armond made sure she had her own special chef and she also was able to order her meals for the next day during dinner so that they could prepare her meals accordingly. She got so used to that level of service that I’m pretty sure she wanted to take them back home with her. I mean, who wouldn’t love a personal chef?! lol

Depending on the length of your cruise, you will have at least one “Captain’s Dinner”. At this dining experience guests dress in more formal attire and are treated to a more upscale menu that can include lobster, steak, crab, etc. If you want to taste the steak instead of going to the ship’s Steak House, this is your time to do so for free. During certain nights, the staff will do a dancing performance towards the end of the meal. If you want to get up and dance feel free to let the music move you…. I know I did! 🙂



  1. If you like to go to bed early, I would recommend picking the 6:00pm dinner seating. That way you have time to walk off your meal or enjoy some of the ship’s nighttime activities.
  2. If you like to go to bed late, I would recommend picking the 8:00pm dinner seating. There are usually some fun things to do after dinner, such as karaoke, clubbing, and adult-only comedy shows.
  3. Remember, if you have an allergy let them know ahead of time. You might just end up with your own amazing personal chef.
  4. Have fun, relax and eat away! 🙂

During an average week on the Carnival Glory guests will consume:

18,000 plates per day
2,200 pounds of prime rib
4,500 pounds of chicken
2,500 steaks
15,000 pounds of shrimps
2,000 pounds of lobster tail
400 pounds of veal
4,800 hamburgers
2,200 hot dogs
1,300 pounds of baby back ribs
600 pounds of ham
900 pounds of salmon
1,000 pounds of pasta
7,000 pizzas
3,000 pounds of tomatoes
6,700 pounds of potatoes
5,300 heads of lettuce
4,320 bananas
2,500 apples
1,003 melons
1,100 pineapples
6,200 pounds of flour
62,000 eggs (only 1 chicken but a very happy rooster!)
36,000 slices of bacon
12,900 slices of white bread
20,000 Danish pastries
900 gallons of milk
1,000 pounds of coffee
620 gallons of fruit juice

The Bars
24,500 cans of soft drinks
28,150 bottles/cans of beer
1,420 bottles of champagne
3,502 bottles of wine
40,000 liters of spirits



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